Monday, June 24, 2019

Student Research Opportunities at RWTH Aachen University Germany

RWTH Aachen University offers students manifold research opportunities to get involved in university research projects early on in their studies. The present web pages provide you with information on opportunities to participate in research projects or get support for your own research activities.
UROP - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
UROP is an undergraduate research program at RWTH Aachen University. The goal is to provide RWTH students as well as talented students from partner universities in North America with the ability to conduct their own research projects under the guidance of experienced RWTH researchers. In this way, UROP supports university research activities and engages young researchers in exciting research at a very early stage of their university career.
UROP is made up of three different program components, each of them targeting another group of students:
  • UROP International is for US and Canadian students who come to RWTH during the summer months for ten weeks.
  • RWTH UROP gives RWTH’s undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out their own research projects at their home university’s facilities, while the third component,
  • UROP Abroad, enables RWTH students to conduct research at North American universities or research institutions.

Undergraduate Funds

One of the main goals of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences is to integrate current research topics into an educational program. Extraordinary students participate in ongoing research projects at an early stage of the study. This will help attract talented researchers, strengthen natural sciences, and increase the recognition of faculty names.
Within the measure "Strengthening Natural Science" of all five departments of the department received the so-called " Funding for Funds.
High school finance is mostly used by undergraduate students and starts in the second semester. However, there were funds for the Master's degree.
Funds are provided specifically for attending conferences, summer schools and laboratory equipment. Students also had the opportunity to conduct individual research projects.


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