Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dean's Excellence Fully Funded Scholarship- UK

Dean's Excellence Fully Funded Scholarship- UK

Dean's Excellence Fully Funded Scholarship at University of Leeds is an automatic scholarship awarded to the brightest achieving students which will serve in form tuition fee reduction throughout his/her stay.

This Scholarship Award is open for high achieving international students and aims to cover their tuition fee for an undergraduate degree program.

UK/EU/International: International

Scholarship Value - £5,000

University of Leeds offers a wide range of specialised and broad-based degree courses covering the spectrum of life sciences.

Biochemistry (MBiol, BSc)

Biological Sciences (MBiol, BSc)

Biology (MBiol, BSc)

Biotechnology with Enterprise (MBiol, BSc)

Ecology and Conservation Biology (MBiol, BSc)

Genetics (MBiol, BSc)

Human Physiology (MBiol, BSc)

Medical Biochemistry (MBiol, BSc)

Medical Microbiology (BSc)

Medical Sciences (MBiol, BSc)

Microbiology (MBiol, BSc)

Neuroscience (MBiol, BSc)

Pharmacology (MBiol, BSc)

Sport and Exercise Sciences (MSci, BSc)

Sports Science and Physiology (MSci, BSc)

Zoology (MBiol, BSc)

  • Applications are open to all international students.
  • Interested students can apply for an undergraduate degree program offers in the university.
  • Successful student must be able to prove that they can fund their fees at University of Leeds.


  • Interested students must be self-funding.
  • New Entry to the University of Leeds for undergraduate program.
  • Applicants must be classified as international students.
  • Successful Students must maintain a yearly percentage of 70% on their academic record.  
  • £5,000 will be given to successful students per year of study provided they maintained average of 70%. 

Number of scholarships available- 6

Application Deadline- Ongoing


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